National Organizations

International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals

IITAP offers premier training and cutting-edge educational resources for practitioners who treat people with addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors. Our CSAT® (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) program is one of the most highly regarded programs of its kind, offering a complete group of training, products and services to enhance your practice.


The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) is a nonprofit multidisciplinary organization dedicated to scholarship, training, and resources for promoting sexual health and overcoming problematic sexual behaviors.



Providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture


International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists


Gentle Path at the Meadows

Gentle Path at the Meadows is a powerful, well-developed program for the treatment of sex addiction, trauma and other issues. We have referred several individuals to Gentle Path at the Meadows and clients have never been disappointed. If you are considering in-patient treatment I highly recommend you explore Gentle Path at the Meadows.


Elements Behavioral Health

Elements Behavioral Health has treatment centers in a wide variety of geographic areas and treat a wide variety of issues including sex addiction, drug and alcohol, and eating disorders. Their centers include: Promises Treatment Centers, The Ranch, The Sexual Recovery Institute, The Recovery Place, Lucida Treatment Center, The Right Step, Journey Healing Center, The Sundance Center and Clarity Way.



Bethesda Workshops

a place for healing from sexual addiction in Nashville, TN

“Marnie Ferree is a pioneer in the field of women’s sexual addiction recovery, and this is a pioneering work destined to become a standard.” Mark Laaser, Ph.D.


Professional Counseling Services

PCS is located in Scottsdale, AZ and provides high quality Intensive Outpatient Treatment for a variety of issues including:

  • Marital partners – intimacy and relationships
  • Sex addicts
  • Survivors of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, or other traumas
  • Persons with alcohol and other substance addictions
  • Persons with eating disorders
  • Persons with obsessive compulsive disorders

“If you are ready to live a healthy, happy, and connected life, free from the issues holding you down, the we believe PCS is the right choice for you.”        -Ralph Earle


Pornography Addiction Help

This site is managed by a team of anonymous individuals that have struggled with porn addiction and desire to help others overcome the vice as well. They have partnered with several professionals in the field of addiction to provide you with professionally written content. There are articles, videos, and a forum that can be useful in overcoming porn addiction.


List of Online Groups and Support for Addicts and Spouses

Maintained by Bill Herring


Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a Faith-based organization that provides both filtering software for computers and numerous articles (Free) to help inform families and individuals about how to win the battle against porn.



FINDINGbalance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian health and wellness organization. We provide practical resources to help people live healthy, balanced lives free of eating and body image issues.



AddictionCenter focuses on addiction AND the co-occurring problems that often accompany addiction such as: depression, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, and OCD.



reSTART: Center for Digital Technology Sustainability

The reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program is designed to help launch tech dependent youth and adults back into real life interactions. If you or a loved one struggles with compulsive Internet use, (gaming, social media, etc.) please check out the reSTART web site for information and help.


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