We are now offering full-day, individualized therapy for couples to help jump start the healing process.

Much more than a workshop, these one-on-one sessions with a trained couple’s therapist will condense two months worth of couples’ therapy sessions into a single day.

  • Learn skills that can help NOW
  • Feel relief and connection sooner
  • Reduce out-of-control arguments
  • Build a workable plan for recovery
  • Includes important relationship assessments, individual assessments, book and workbooks

Spaces are very limited because it is one-on-one couple’s therapy, not a group.

Prices include 8 hours of therapy, assessments and take home materials.  Call for details about pricing and how your insurance provider may help cover a portion of the cost. (513) 376-9757

The average couple waits about seven years to address issues in their relationship. These chronic, unresolved issues can lead to a lack of connection, trust, friendship, and ultimately, to a separation or divorce.

THIS COULD BE RIGHT FOR YOU IF you and your partner:

  • Need a relationship tune-up
  • Are in a relationship crisis
  • Have discovered infidelity
  • Are attempting to reconcile
  • Are considering marriage

Learn and practice

  • Conflict management skills
  • Communication
  • Building trust and connection
  • Foundations of friendship

To sign up at our office for the next available session call: 513-376-9757





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