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Sexual addiction is more widespread in America than many realize. It is estimated that 8 – 10% of adults in America struggle with sexually compulsive behavior. Sex addiction is different from having a high sexual drive. For those struggling with sex addiction, the behavior has become compulsive. Individuals have often tried to change their behavior many times, and have suffered multiple consequences from continuing in their sexual behavior. This behavior often impacts families, marriages, and careers. It has consequences personally, physically, relationally, financially, and spiritually.



Could I (or a loved one) be sexually addicted? Answer these six simple questions.


Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?


Do you hide some of your sexual behavior from others?


Have you ever sought help for sexual behavior you did not like?


Has anyone been hurt emotionally because of your sexual behavior?
urt others


Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire?
ut of control


When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterwards?

A positive response to just two of these questions would indicate a need for additional assessment. Three or more indicates sexual addiction.


If you or a loved one have struggled with this issue please realize there is help.

Therapists at Counseling Alliance have received specialized training to treat sex addiction.

Tim Barber LPCC-S, Rebecca Miller LPCC, and Steven Andry LPCC-S, are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists  through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). These therapists have received training from Dr. Patrick Carnes, Dr. Stefanie Carnes, and Dr. Ken Adams, and others. Therapists at Counseling Alliance provide individual, couple, family, and group counseling.

Other Counseling Alliance therapists are in the process of completing, training developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes which required attendance at multiple training modules and supervision with a CSAT Supervisor.  To best serve you we are pleased that Jane Edelmann LPC,  Jordan McNeely LPCC, Kathy Sprinkle LSW, Paula Alberto LPC, and Gary Lee LPC are in the CSAT training and certification process.

  • We provide a wholistic approach, treating individuals, couples, and families in both individual and group settings.
  • Therapists are also available to speak to your church, group, or organization about the issue of sexual addiction and its treatment.

For more information please contact Counseling Alliance.

Also, follow Tim on Twitter as he posts information about addiction in our society at TimBarberPCC.


The problem of sexual addiction:

  • Two-thirds of Jr. High students view pornography while doing homework. Thirty-four percent of those will continue on to develop sexually compulsive behavior.
  • Internet pornography is a growing problem in our society due to what has been called the AAA Effect. It is more Accessible, more Affordable, and can be viewed Anonymously.

What does your compulsive sexual behavior cost you?

When asked the question of what compulsive sexual behavior costs them, many people respond by saying “Nothing. It’s free on the internet.” However, when we actually consider the issue of cost seriously, we see the cost is huge. Consider your answer to the question of cost from these perspectives:



  • How much was spent on books, magazines, DVDs, Pay-per-view movies, subscriptions to porn sites, drinks and tips at clubs, etc.?
  • Do you cruise, looking for sexual partners? Gas and related costs should be counted.
  • Are alcohol or drugs associated with acting out sexually?
  • How much have you lost in time and productivity? (How much is your time worth? Multiply that by the amount of time spent in some compulsive behavior per week, month, and year.)
  • Has your lack of productivity cost you a job, or a promotion?
  • What about your health? Have you contracted an STD, or otherwise injured yourself as a result of sexual behavior?
  • Have you incurred any legal fees? Include the cost of your divorce if it was related to your addiction.


We should also consider other, less tangible costs.

  • What does your addiction cost in terms of your own emotional health and well-being? Most who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior have low-self esteem and high levels of guilt and shame. Depression and anxiety are also common.
  • What about your relational health? In many marriages there is increased tension, more frequent arguments, and even separation and divorce due to differing attitudes regarding the use of pornography.
  • What has your addiction cost you in terms of meaningful relationships? For example, are you divorced or separated from your partner, or alienated other family members and friends.
  • Spiritual health also often suffers as a result of addictive behavior. It is difficult, if not impossible, to feel connected to God while at the same time connected to your addiction.
  • Has your sexual activity negatively impacted primary roles in life? For example, are you less effective as a spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter as a result of your compulsive behavior?


If you would like to take a free online assessment please visit: www.sexhelp.com/addiction_tests.cfm. The Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) is free. You can also call Counseling Alliance at 513-376-9757 to set up an appointment for a confidential consultation.


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