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Learn about the differences between sex, love, and porn addiction as well as treatment options and research that supports our work.

Sex, Love, and Porn Addiction

There are differences in how sex, love, and porn addictions impact a person and a family. Discover more in the links below, as well as through the links to external sites provided. 


Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is just what it sounds like. A person is addicted to the sexualized behaviors. This behavior exists across a spectrum from compulsive masturbation to anonymous hook-ups and the hiring of escorts. Learn more by clicking below. 


Love Addiction

Love addiction is marked by a deep need to feel loved by another. Those dealing with love addiction often jump from one relationship to another out of either fear that the current relationship is ending, or that the excitement that accompanies a new relationship is diminishing. Learn more by clicking below. 


Porn addiction

Porn addiction is just what it sounds like and differs from sex or love addiction by the fact that the primary outlet for sexual gratification is through the viewing of pornography. Masturbation often accompanies the viewing of porn, but is often "secondary" to the excitement of discovering something new and exciting on the Internet. Learn more by clicking below.