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Filters and Safe Surfing

Find helpful information about the use of filters and blocks to more effectively enable you to protect your family from unwanted Internet use and cyber-bullying. 

What to look for in filters

Protecting home, work, and mobile devices against the viewing of unwanted material is challenging. Finding effective filters for many devices is a difficult task. Here are some guidelines in what to look for in filters and links to external resources that will enable you to make a well-informed choice about protecting your family. 

Best filtering options

Rob Weiss' List of the Best Filters.  Rob Weiss (CSAT) is one of our "GoTo" guys for technology in the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist community. He keeps up with what's happening and has great information about filtering and other key issues regarding where technology is heading. Covenant Eyes is a Faith-based organization that provides both filtering software for computers and numerous (free) articles to help inform families and individuals about how to win the battle against porn. Disney has entered the Internet filter and filled some very important gaps. The Circle has the ability to lock out offensive sites, as well as set time limits on the use of wifi in the home. This is definitely worth checking out! Bark focuses on social media and has some powerful tools to help protect/manage connection to social media sites. When combined with Circle, parental control is taken to a new level of effectiveness. Nothing is perfect, but combining these two is about as close as you can get at this time.