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Love Addiction

Learn about how love addiction differs form other addictions and find helpful resources.

Love Addiction

Love addiction is essentially a perceived a need to have a person (pretty much always) in one's life that is fulfilling needs for validation, respect, emotional intimacy, and sex. These individuals often "bounce" from one relationship to another, have multiple relationships going on at one time, and relationships often end once the "new" has worn off. has a good description of how love addiction is diagnosed as well as the problems it can cause in a person's life. 

The Center for Healthy Sex has an online assessment to see if you might struggle with love addiction. Click here of the assessment. The Center for Healthy Sex is the home for Dr. Alexandra Katehakis, one of our leading Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and author of several books on healthy sexuality as well as addiction and it's treatment. 

It is important to note that sex, porn, and love addiction over co-exist and overlap. Discover more, as well as videos and recommended books on the Resources page and even more on our Sex, Love, and Porn Addiction Resources page.

There will be more information soon about love addiction. We are updating our website regularly.