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Partner Support

Discover the services we provide for partners of those struggling with infidelity, sex, porn, or love addiction in Cincinnati and the Midwest. 

Partner’s: Don’t Suffer Alone!

If your partner struggles with sex or porn addiction you are not alone. Some partners of those struggling with sex, love, or porn addiction believe that since their partner has the problem they don't need counseling. However, this belief does not take the impact of discovering the person you thought you could trust has betrayed you into consideration. While the addiction may be your partner's problem, you have suffered a traumatic discovery. 

Highly trained, compassionate counselors at Counseling Alliance LLC can provide many options for support as you walk though the journey of healing. Many partners remain stuck in their pain and trauma. We offer healing and hope! 

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We provide a safe comfortable environment for you to process what has happened and to explore your options for finding peace.


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Individual and group approaches

The discovery or disclosure of a partner's inappropriate behaviors is traumatizing. We offer both individual therapy and groups that directly address the key issues in identifying the pain, finding your voice, and moving through a well-planned program to recovery your well-being. 

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) have access to assessments and resources that others lack. CSATs also have specialized training to work with the complex issues associated with sex and porn addiction from the partner's perspective. 

We also offer our JUMPSTART TO HEALING® program for partners that is tailored to each person's individual needs. This program is offered in half-day, full-day or multiple day formats. This approach enables a true "Jumpstart" to the healing process and is also ideal for those not local to Greater Cincinnati. 

Call to schedule a free consultation (513) 376-9757.

We help with tough conversations

It is essential in the healing journey to know the facts. Therapists at Counseling Alliance LLC are trained to help facilitate a Formal Disclosure of the troubling behaviors in a manner that helps move the partner and the addict further along the healing process. A disclosure can not only be painful, but can in fact be harmful to all involved if not conducted properly. Whomever your therapist is, be sure to ask about what training they have had in facilitating disclosures. 

CSATs have the knowledge and training to help, not harm, in discovering the facts. We follow a well-researched, well-prepared course of action that has the potential of moving you as a partner toward healing. 

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Trauma is natural. Continuing to experience the difficult symptoms of trauma for the rest of your life is optional.

Don't be stuck in your trauma

There was a time in the not too distant past that partners of those struggling with addictive behaviors were labeled as "co-dependent." Often this unfortunate label had the effect of transferring blame from the person that struggled with addiction to the partner. Research has shown that the partner actually experiences trauma reactions that are nearly identical to post traumatic stress disorder. 

Our CSATs have advanced training to identify and treat partner related trauma. Please check out the Resources page for more information on the experiences of partner's of those struggling with addiction. Call (513) 376-9757 to start the healing process. 

We have individual, and group options. We also offer support for partners in the JUMPSTART TO HEALING® formats.

Links to resources for partners This link will take you to a free ebook that addresses the problems faced by partners who discover their spouses are viewing porn. It’s free and helpful information. Author and speaker Sheri Keffer has great information on her website for partners. Be sure to check out her website.

There are many many more resources at the resources for partners. Be sure to check them out.