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Relationship Counseling

Therapists at Counseling Alliance have advanced training in relationship, couples, and marriage counseling. Experience and training matter when your relationship is struggling. We serve Cincinnati adn the Midwest.



Relationships are difficult.

Often it seems the challenges out weigh the support within relationships. Therapists at Counseling Alliance LLC  have advanced training, from internationally known experts, to help you recover connection and hope for your relationship.  Experience and training matter when your relationship is struggling. 


Getting help quickly is essential

The average time between a person having physical aliments and seeking medical help is two weeks. The average time between a couple having difficulties and seeking help is six years. In that time patterns of miscommunication, poor conflict resolution, problems with emotional connection and intimacy become deeply entrenched. Gridlock can occur and couples become stuck. 

Therapists at COUNSELING ALLIANCE LLC have advanced training in helping couples become unstuck. We have experience working with issues of infidelity, addiction, communication, and a wide variety of other relationship problems. Take the first step in resolving your relationship problems by calling our office today for an appointment. 

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Paula Alberto's Office

I am passionate about working with couples and helping them find healing in their relationships. As we work together, we will identify areas of the relationship that are in need of repair. I also find it invaluable to help the couple identify and resolve past painful experiences that continue to have negative impacts on the relationship. This allows the couple to be less emotionally reactive and more open to learning healthy relationships skills.
— Paula Alberto

About marriage conflict

One indicator of relationship problems is the inability to resolve conflict. Sorting through what causes the conflict, as well as what should be done to resolve the conflict, is not an easy task. Just consider, how much actual training did you receive on how to avoid or resolve conflict before you were married. For most people, it was very little, if any. 

Conflicts often seem to happen over just about anything. However, all conflicts impact us at deeper levels.  

There are also some common areas that have the potential to create problems in relationships. These include:

  • How we have learned to "attach" to our partner. 
  • How we regulate our emotions, and, how we can help regulate our partner's emotions.
  • A lack of understanding about how basic neuroscience impacts relationships (again, something very few are taught).
  • How our past, (Family of Origin, Trauma History, and other factors) impact our ability to trust others. 

Our therapists have training in addressing these areas and can help. 

Did you know there are predictable stages in the decline of a marriage? We can help identify and repair your relationship.

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treatment options

Couples therapy is offered in the traditional 50-minute session format. This is probably the least effective approach because there is so little time to really work through the issues raised. For some, due a variety of reasons, this is their choice. We recommend extended sessions.

Two to four hour sessions are much more effective. They can also be spaced out and doing so helps keep the cost low.

Our JUMPSTART TO HEALING® option is a very effective way to begin the process of healing. This has also proven to be a very desirable option for couples who live farther away. We have couples who travel to us from hours away to participate in Jumpstarts. 

Call today (513-376-9575) to talk about treatment options or to schedule an appointment.