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Therapists at Counseling Alliance LLC have advanced training in several areas including marriage and relationship issues, sex, love, and porn addiction, and the treatment of trauma.


While therapists at Counseling Alliance LLC are fully licensed and trained to provide a wide range of services many of our therapists have advanced training in the areas listed below. Our goal is to be one of the premier treatment centers in the Midwest for relationship issues, sex, love and porn addiction, and the treatment of trauma.  


Counseling Alliance now offers weekly JUMPSTARTS! These intensives begin Thursday evening and end Saturday evening. They include a combination of individual and group therapy and each plan is tailored to your individual needs and goals. We address issues such as: Relationship difficulties,

  • Sex, porn, and love addiction,

  • Affair recovery,

  • Trauma,

  • Betrayed partner support.

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Sex, Love & Porn Addiction

When dealing with complex addictions such as sex & porn it is important that your therapist has the specialized training and experience to provide the needed care. Our Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) are here to help you and your partner. Call today to begin your recovery. 

Counseling Alliance has more therapists with advanced training in working with problematic sexual behaviors than any other group in the Mid West. This training enables our therapists to truly JumpStart your healing.


If you have been impacted by infidelity, or suspect that your partner is addicted to sex or porn, you know first hand how painful that is. We can help you heal the trauma of betrayal and help heal your relationship. Call today to find support. 

The discovery that your partner is trapped in a pattern of compulsive sexual behaviors, has had an affair, or in some other way has betrayed your trust is devastating. Our therapists have advanced training in working with betrayed partners. Don’t delay. Help is available. Call today. (513) 376-9757


Relationships are difficult. Our therapists have advanced training and can help you heal old wounds and rediscover the joy of marriage. We offer relationship counseling in the traditional 50-minute, and multi-hour sessions as well as our JumpStart model that provides quick results. Call today for more information. 


Unresolved events in our past can cause, panic, anxiety, anger. and relationship problems.  Therapists at Counseling Alliance have advanced training in working with many types of trauma including family of origin issues, abuse, betrayal, spiritual abuse, and many other forms of abuse. There is help! Call today for an appointment. 

Groups & Workshops

We offer a variety of therapy groups to address many different needs.

We also regularly offer workshops that are open to anyone. The topics vary and the cost is reasonable.

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We offer both Clinical Supervision for those seeking licensure in Ohio and CSAT Supervision for those seeking CSAT Certification. Click here for details. 


We have gathered helpful information about the common issues we treat. Check out our Resources page for helpful information, links to other sites. Check back often to discover new resources.


We offer Workshops, Professional Training, and other opportunities to learn and find support. Check back often to see what helpful events are planned.