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Counseling Alliance, LLC is a leader in Greater Cincinnati and the Midwest in the treatment sex and porn addiction, relationship issues, and the treatment of trauma and abuse Download Client forms here.

Helpful Information


Please download and complete the forms below BEFORE your first appointment. This will save you time when you arrive. 



Often after the initial consultation, additional assessments will be recommended. The cost of those assessments depends upon which assessment is utilized.

We do not provide forensic assessment for child custody hearings.


We do not accept insurance. However, we can provide a detailed receipt that you may submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement. 

Also, depending upon your plan, you may be able to use a Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flex Plan for payment. 

Medication Management

We do not provide medication manage. However, we can make recommendations to doctors and facilities that can provide that service. 


  • Initial Consultation $150.

  • 50-minute session $130.

  • Tim Barber's fees are $155 per hour.

  • Group Therapy and Workshop fees vary. Call for pricing.

  • Billable Professional Time $250 per hour.


Online or telephone therapy

Therapists at Counseling Alliance LLC do not provide online or telephone therapy. Communication may occasionally occur via phone or encrypted email with existing clients. However, we are not permitted by Ohio Law to provide counseling services electronically.