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Discover the treatment options for sex, love, and porn addiction, relationship counseling, and trauma counseling. Our four-day JUMPSTART TO HEALING® programs offer a powerful treatment alternative to the traditional 50-minute hour.



Counseling Alliance LLC is proud to announce the expansion of it's successful one-day JUMPSTART TO HEALING® program to multi-day formats in keeping with the Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) model offered by other mental health centers. 

We now offer multiple formats. The one-day JUMPSTART TO HEALING® has proven to be very popular so it will continue to be an option. However, JUMPSTART TO HEALING® programs can now be extended to as long as five days. These extended intensives are available for a variety of topics including

  • Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction,

  • Partner Support

  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling,

  • Trauma and Abuse Counseling

These intensives are designed to provide workable action steps that will enable participants to move toward healing. The program begins with an assessment of your, or your loved one's, needs before the dates of treatment. As a result, treatment is tailored to the each person’s particular needs. 

The number of patients at any given JUMPSTART TO HEALING® is small to allow for individualized attention. Our intensives typically include both individual and group therapy, clinical assessments, and access to medical staff for further assessment when necessary. 

Specialized Training

The staff at Counseling Alliance LLC have a wide variety of specialities and training experiences. Just some of those specialities include:

  • EMDR and other trauma therapies,

  • Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapy,

  • Sex, porn and love addiction training. We have 8 therapists who are Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), or candidates who are completing their certification,

  • Partner support for the partners of those struggling with sex, porn, or love addiction,

  • Psychodrama,

  • Gottman and PACT trained therapists to effectively serve those experiencing relational problems,

  • Faith-Based, accepting and welcoming of all.


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Sex, Porn, & Love Addiction

Partner Support

Couples Treatment

Trauma Treatmen



Sex, Love and Porn Addiction

This intensive is designed to provide workable action steps that will enable participants to move toward healing. The program begins with an assessment of your, or your loved one's, needs before the dates of treatment.

Our therapists have advanced training that enables them to provide support beyond what many therapists can do. When it comes to dealing with a complex issue like sex, porn, or love addiction, training matters.

This intensive is right for you, or your loved one, if: 

  • You often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts.

  • You find yourself feeling shame or fearful as a result of your behavior.

  • Prior attempts to stop have been unsuccessful even with therapy.

  • Others have been hurt by your behavior.

  • You have felt controlled by your sexual behavior.

  • You have felt shame as a result of your sexual behavior.

This intensive:

  • Includes a thorough assessment to determine the nature and roots of problematic sexual behavior.

  • Examines the possible role of co-occurring addictions.

  • Offers treatment that focuses on your needs as opposed to a "cookie-cutter" approach.

  • Provides mutual support from a small group of peers so you won't get lost in a crowd.

  • Provides practical, workable, solutions to the problems that have kept participants trapped in addictive behavior.

  • Coordinates care with your current therapist, or someone in your area, for continued aftercare that builds upon the progress made in the JUMPSTART TO HEALING®.

  • Orients participants to a plan that will guide their recovery for years to come.

  • Restores hope in the restoration of broken and damaged relationships, and in feeling good about being the person you want to be for yourself, your family, and others.

If the timing of this particular JUMPSTART TO HEALING® is not good for you, call our office. Other options are likely available that will meet your needs.  

To learn more about sex, love, and porn addiction click here

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Partner Support

Partners: Don't Suffer Alone.

We also offer JUMPSTART TO HEALING® programs for partners that are tailored to each person's individual needs.

If your partner struggles with sex or porn addiction you are not alone. Some partners of those struggling with sex, love, or porn addiction believe that since their partner has the problem they don't need counseling. However, this belief does not take the impact of discovering the person you thought you could trust has betrayed you into consideration. While the addiction may be your partner's problem, you have suffered a traumatic discovery. 

Highly trained, compassionate counselors at Counseling Alliance LLC can provide many options for support as you walk though the journey of healing. Many partners remain stuck in their pain and trauma. We offer healing and hope! 

Believe in yourself and find peace again.

Believe in yourself and find peace again.

Traditional 50-minute sessions are also available.

The discovery or disclosure of a partner's inappropriate behaviors is traumatizing. We offer both individual therapy and groups that directly address the key issues in identifying the pain, finding your voice, and moving through a well-planned program to recovery your well-being. 

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) have access to assessments and resources that others lack. CSATs also have specialized training to work with the complex issues associated with sex and porn addiction from the partner's perspective. 


It is essential in the healing journey to know the facts. Therapists at Counseling Alliance LLCare trained to help facilitate a Formal Disclosure of the troubling behaviors in a manner that helps move the partner and the addict further along the healing process. A disclosure can not only be painful, but can in fact be harmful to all involved if not conducted properly. Whomever your therapist is, be sure to ask about what training they have had in facilitating disclosures. 

CSATs have the knowledge and training to help, not harm, in discovering the facts. We follow a well-researched, well-prepared course of action that has the potential of moving you as a partner toward healing. 

“Trauma is natural. Continuing to experience the difficult symptoms of trauma for the rest of your life is optional. ”


There was a time in the not too distant past that partners of those struggling with addictive behaviors were labeled as "co-dependent." Often this unfortunate label had the effect of transferring blame from the person that struggled with addiction to the partner. Research has shown that the partner actually experiences trauma reactions that are nearly identical to post traumatic stress disorder. 

Our CSATs have advanced training to identify and treat partner related trauma. Please check out the Resources for Partners page for more information on the experiences of partner's of those struggling with addiction. Call (513) 376-9757 to start the healing process. 

We have individual, and group options. Our JUMPSTART TO HEALING® for partners is designed for those whose partners are struggling with sex, love, porn addiction, or infidelity. These are offered in one and four-day formats.

The journey of a partner from discovery to recovery is difficult. However, those who have experienced these difficult times are not alone and help is available. Our counselors have had advanced training and years of experience in dealing with betrayal, deception, and the multitude of difficult emotions that partners live through. 

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Rediscover love and trust.

Rediscover love and trust.

Couples Treatment

Has your relationship become a struggle? Are you finding less joy and more pain? Has addiction or infidelity changed your relationship? We can help.

You can experience a quick and powerful boost in your recovery with our JUMPSTART TO HEALING® for couples. You will receive the undivided attention of a highly skilled therapist who will guide you through assessment and treatment of relational issues. Treatment is personal and tailored to your needs, not a "cookie-cutter" approach. 

The average couple waits about 7 years to address issues in their relationship. These chronic, unresolved issues can lead to a lack of connection, trust, and ultimately to separation or divorce. There is help! A JUMPSTART TO HEALING® may be right for you and your partner if:

  • You need a relationship tune-up

  • Are in a relationship crisis

  • Have discovered infidelity

  • Are attempting to reconcile

  • Are considering if marriage is right for you

Learn and Practice:

  • Conflict management skills

  • Communication skills

  • Building trust and connectedness

  • Foundations of friendship

To learn more about couples therapy click here.

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Trauma Treatment

Trauma comes in many forms. So too does treatment. Our one-day and four-day JUMPSTART TO HEALING® programs for trauma include a thorough assessment and individualized treatment in a safe, inviting setting.

Trauma is a strong word. However, even the small the hurts of life take a toll when repeated. Unfortunately, some experience hurts that are anything but small. 

Today therapists think of trauma in terms of big "T" trauma and small "t" trauma. Big "T" traumatic events are typically the more rare events that occur in a person's life. This may be an assault, an auto accident, or some other event that was powerful and potentially life threatening, but not the everyday occurrence. Small "t" trauma is the ongoing verbal, emotional, or spiritual abuse that occurred on a regular basis. 

We now realize that trauma of either type has a profound impact upon an individual's development, daily living, and even shapes the way the brain functions.

To learn more about trauma, and its impact upon people, click here.

Help is closer than you think.

Help is closer than you think.

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